Showroom - Booth B051 & B052

Drop by "De Woonindustrie" Symfonielaan 1 - 3438 EW Nieuwegein on Monday. The showroom we share with Passe Partout Meubelen is a place where you can wonderfully land in the HOME STORIES concept. Home Stories collects all the good things life brings. Every home has its story and "Home Stories" tells personal stories of craft, family, knowledge, motivation and passion and offers inspiration on how to combine the Initials by HAANS Lifestyle products. 

Our strength is showing a total image of interiors and a total image of shop presentation. Here, we work together with Passe Partout Furniture, Jasaco for the artificial plants and Sense Company for the familiar Home Stories fragrance. We continue this cooperation in all forms. You will find us at various trade fairs and on location with the concept of shopfitting corners.


  Initials by HAANS Lifestyle  

Initials by Haans Lifestyle stands for unique and exclusive products with a modern and high-quality look and certainly did not come into existence by accident. It is a family bond that has been lovingly continued for three generations. Each generation with its own knowledge and form of enterprise. Each generation has made its own journey around the world for this purpose.

During these trips, they are inspired by the craft that goes into developing the collection. The Initials by HAANS Lifestyle collection is therefore a big complete picture in different categories. With this, you can make endless combinations because it is all 'family'. With an item of Initials by HAANS Lifestyle you bring a piece of family history into your home. That gives character to your interior.

Passe Partout N.V. Furnitur

The Passe Partout team love people with passion. The energy they exude, the sparkle in their eyes, their infectious talk, it gives motivation and energy to build their own story stronger. 
The mission is to be able to pass on this passion to customers. Not only do they sell affordable yet quality products, but they give the experience to go with it, so that that end customer can passionately talk about his or her purchase of a product from the collection. That he or she tells it in such a way that the sparkle in his/her eyes can be seen. Enjoy life, enjoy your sofa, enjoy Passe Partout.

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