Color (Vazen)
Color (Kleinmeubelen)
Color (Windlichten)
Color (Objecten)
Color (Verlichting)
Color Theme (Woontextiel)
Color Theme (Decoraties)
Combinatie (Windlichten)
Combinatie (Objecten)
Combinatie (Vazen)
Range (Windlichten)
Range (Objecten)
Range (Vazen)
Range (Verlichting)
Range (Woontextiel)
Range (Decoraties)
Shape (Decoraties)
Shape (Kleinmeubelen)
Shape (Woontextiel)
Size (Woontextiel)
Size (Decoraties)
Size (Vazen)
Size (Kleinmeubelen)
Size (Objecten)
Size (Verlichting)
Size (Windlichten)

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    Eye-catchers give a room character and show who you are. They are the showpiece that grabs your attention and sparks your imagination. Choose one eye-catcher in a room and use these colours in your further presentation. It is important to then reflect these colours in a refined way in details such as cushions, vases, objects or lamps. This subtle echo of colours spreads the visual power of the eye-catcher throughout the room.

    Here, we chose the painting as our eye-catcher and so the same colours recur in the other items. This creates a sense of coherence, which radiates peace and unity. Each item in this room therefore plays an element in the overall picture. Below you will find all items in this incredible setting.

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