Frequently asked questions


Can I order online as a consumer?

No we are only for the business market. We would like to refer you to our dealers initialsbyhaans.com.Feel free to contact us for questions.

Where can I see stock items?

Select a category, you can select “ Only available Products” filter.

How can I see the stock per item?

When you are logged in, you will see the number of items in stock. If you are not logged in, you will only see a green or red sign.

No stock. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is different for each item. It can be on the move or still needs to be ordered. You will receive an overview of the expected delivery date after placing your order. If you want to know it immediately, use our live chat (during office hours) and our sales staff can help you directly.


How can I see my purchase price?

If you are logged in you will see the purchase price.

What is the end consumer price?

The RRP recommended retail price is listed as standard on our webshop without logging in. When you click on an item you will see the RRP price above the buying price.


Can I also pick up my order?

You can also pick up your order from the warehouse at Tilburg yourself. You will receive a Packer's Certificate number from us.

How do I change my delivery address?

Go to my account - View or edit billing and shipping address at “Address Book Contents” you can change your address. Highlight the default invoice and delivery address here by clicking >

How do I see my previous order?

Go to my account - View My Orders. at “order status” you can see the overview. Click on the line to see the details. Please note: These are only your orders via the webshop how they were actually sent in. If you would like to get an overview of your full order overview or backorders, please request info@haanslifestyle.com or the live chat.

The order is not completly stocked?

We will send an order confirmation with the expected delivery date that the entire order is in stock for free delivery. Would you like to receive what already is in stock. This can be done with courier service or pallet delivery at a charge.


Can I do the payment at the webshop?

You will receive the invoice before the goods are sent. For the conditions, please review the terms and conditions.