Color (Verlichting)
Color (Windlichten)
Color (Kleinmeubelen)
Color (Vazen)
Color (Decoraties)
Color (Objecten)
Color Theme (Decoraties)
Color Theme (Woontextiel)
Combinatie (Windlichten)
Combinatie (Objecten)
Range (Windlichten)
Range (Verlichting)
Range (Decoraties)
Range (Woontextiel)
Range (Vazen)
Range (Objecten)
Shape (Decoraties)
Shape (Kleinmeubelen)
Shape (Woontextiel)
Size (Woontextiel)
Size (Verlichting)
Size (Windlichten)
Size (Vazen)
Size (Decoraties)
Size (Kleinmeubelen)
Size (Objecten)

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    An interior of today, soft natural tones and round shapes that form a soothing and soft whole. The metallic brown colour of the lamps, stands and tables combine very well with the light shades. Accessories play a crucial role in interiors. Start with a base of neutral colours such as beige, taupe and ecru to create a calm background. The curves of furniture and lighting give the feeling of softness.

    Here, we chose decorative items with organic shapes, soft cushions and plants in round pots. A space that is inviting, with a sense of serenity and balance between modern and the warmth of natural elements. You can find the items in this setting below.

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