Color (Vazen)
Color (Objecten)
Color (Verlichting)
Combinatie (Objecten)
Combinatie (Vazen)
Range (Objecten)
Range (Vazen)
Range (Verlichting)
Size (Objecten)
Size (Vazen)
Size (Verlichting)

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    Repetition is power.  It makes the presentation of decorative items stand out. Repeating can be done by choosing a particular colour palette, material or theme. This creates a coherent whole that is visually appealing. In this presentation, we chose to make the decorations recur several times on the table.

    This not only draws more attention to the items, but also gives a sense of unity in the room. This has a reinforcing effect on all the items. The items in this setting can be found below.

    9 Items