Meet Margriet Brekelmans-Remmers

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Margriet Brekelmans-Remmers
Active in the office as a sales representative, she helps our customers from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and other export countries on a daily basis. She is also actively involved in Logistics and IT solutions. This is not without reason, as she has been working at HAANS Lifestyle since 1988 and is like a mother within the company. She knows something about everything and is actually a walking handbook. 

You don't even have to ask Margriet for help, she already offers it herself. She jumps in where necessary and feels very involved. 

She also supports her husband with his own business and her two children in following their passion in their studies. This is also reflected in her work, as she solves everything for our customers, but also makes sure it is handled well overall. Listening and putting herself in another person's shoes is her strength both work and private.

Meet Nynke Uguz- van der Meijs

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Nynke Uguz_van der Meijs
As a sales assistant, she is there four days a week for our customers from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria. She is also a real millennial, as she is always up to date and knows everything about social media, surprising us with the Stories on Instagram. She is caring, slightly impulsive and hugely inquisitive. This brings her a lot of knowledge about different factors and applies it right away where she can. Thus, she wants to know the in-outs of every subject both work and private. This is nice because working closely with Margriet, they are together aware of the entire client base.

She is madly in love with her husband and enjoys the now and what the future will bring them. Nynke is very family-oriented and in this respect she fits in perfectly with the HAANS Lifestyle team.