Meet Saskia van Opstal- Lazeroms

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Saskia van Opstal-Lazeroms
A real sales leader, she runs for our customers. Full of enthusiasm, she therefore travels through Belgium, Germany and France to meet customers in person and show them (the latest) items from the collections. Conviviality and a cheerful smile are paramount when you meet Saskia. She is therefore present in the showroom every Monday and happy to help you with any questions or problems.

That she likes to be on the road is also reflected in her private life. She makes beautiful faraway trips with her husband and daughter and is regularly out and about for a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner. And the fact that she often visits the nicest shopping streets because of her work is only an advantage because she does love shopping. Saskia will therefore never sit still and always has many stories to tell. This in several languages, as she is very knowledgeable and so fluent in Dutch, French and German. A member of the HAANS family for over 25 years and still with the same passion and drive as in the beginning.